Saturday, September 14, 2019

Updates On Qetesha's Take on Science-Fiction

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Character Concept Art for Genesis

So far, I mostly focused on my art. However, I plan to discuss my writing today.  My novel "Genesis" has been completed for a while now. I plan to publish it soon and start writing on the next book in the series, "Tears of A Clown."

"Tears of A Clown" explore the beginning of Nanotelligence. Nanotelligence is announced at the end of "Genesis."  In my story, "PiGuy" Nanotelligence is essential to plot and theme.

I also have a few story ideas I want to explore that I announced in my Science-Fiction Ideas post. I plan to outline those soon, and once I am ready to write those stories, the structure will be mapped out.  This technique saves me a lot of time and allows me to enjoy the process of writing.

Dr. Jason Thomas (Genesis Protagonist)

I plan to add possibly two more chapters to "Genesis" I believe the addition of these chapters will enhance the overall reading experience of the book.

"Genesis" is a  Science-Fiction Psychological  Suspense Romance Thriller.

Dr. Phillip Thomas (Genesis Villain)

"Genesis" Logline:

A genetically modified teen heartthrob who wants access to his father's research discovers he has an identical twin brother who lives captive in a bio-prison and aligns with him to stop their parents from destroying the world.

For more information about "Genesis" please visit the Genesis page on my website:

I also plan to make a few rough sketches for the cover art for "Genesis." I plan to share the sketches with you once I complete them.

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I will continue to provide you updates on "Genesis," in this Science Fiction Blog!

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