Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Science Fiction Story Ideas

Hello Science Fiction  Lovers!
It has been a while since my last post, and I have an exciting blog post today.

I decide to list my  science fiction story ideas below:
1st Idea
A robot revolution. It is a futuristic tale that focuses on robots organizing for liberty and freedom.

2nd Idea
Aliens from a planet that developed biological technology rather than electronic technology. The idea is they live in perfect harmony with their planet. Once they are introduced to Earth the conflict starts.

3rd Idea
Is surrounded by human and an intelligent robot falling in love. Can it last, or are the feelings between the two real?

I have a lot of ideas for original fiction. I prefer science fiction, psychological thrillers, mystery, and romance.  I plan on focusing on writing and completing a few science fiction stories this year.

I plan to complete the final draft of "Genesis" soon.
I will make time to complete more artwork for "Genesis."

"Genesis" is a labor of love and a beautiful visual science-fiction/psychological thriller/romance illustrated novel.

I am an author and artist. My writing and art complement each other.

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I wish you well, and please make time to enjoy some Science-Fiction!

Feel free to post your Science Fiction ideas in the comment section!

I will continue to provide you updates on "Genesis," in this Science Fiction Blog!

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