Sunday, September 29, 2019

Qetesha's Science-Fiction Updates and More

Hello Science-Fiction Lovers,

I plan to start writing soon. I just completed art for a digital art contest. I had to complete it by a specific deadline (10/02/2019). Now that I completed the digital art, I feel accomplished! I am so happy it is finished and that it turned out beautiful.

The digital art contest theme was Myth and Mythology. I decided to create a composition of Eros and Psyche. It is the moment Psyche sneaks a look at Eros with an oil lamp and she accidentally wakes him up. See my rough sketch below:

I will post the final image and link once it is published on the contest page!

Going forward I plan to enter more digital art contest. It was enjoyable and challenging and worth it to participate in an art contest. If you know of any upcoming digital art contests, please post the link or any information you have below. I appreciate anything you have to share.

Moving on I plan to add 2 chapters to “Genesis,” and after I finish it I will start a new story entitled “Revelation.” I am excited about the concept; I think it is a story that you will find compelling. “Revelation” will explore the next step in human evolution and examine gender identity.

These are the updates for Qetesha as a science-fiction writer/artist.

As always, I appreciate your support and feedback!

Enjoy Your Sunday!

I will continue to provide you updates on "Genesis," in this Science Fiction Blog!

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