Wednesday, October 10, 2018

"Genesis" Characters

Hello, My favorite Science Fiction lovers!

Jason Sketch

Original Rendering of Dr. Cindy Draco

Your favorite Science FIction Blogger has a few updates for you. I have been working on refining the "Genesis" characters for my thesis project and for the Illustrated Novel I plan to publish next year.
Original Dr. Thomas Rendering

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Per the advice of my professor, Dr. Phillip Thomas is getting a beard. Cindy stays the same (She is already perfect). I am just drawing her in different poses.

New Sketches of Dr. Phillip Thomas and Dr. Cindy Draco

My hero character Jason requires a little more exploration. He needs to be more distinctive. I'm working on creating a signature look for the heartthrob Jason.

Original Jason Thomas Rendering

I will continue to provide you updates on "Genesis," in this Science Fiction Blog!

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