Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Film Reviews For Science Fiction Fans and Fiction Fans

Cheers to you Science Fiction Lovers Everywhere!

I appreciate your support and if you like this blog share it with your friends or anyone you think will enjoy it.

I want to add, "V for Vendetta," to the list. In one of my courses, we discussed Iconic characters, and I instantly thought of V.  I mentioned he was one of the most well thought out characters of all time. The discussion about V inspired to review this film for you. I hope you like this addition to the list! Remember I am always open to your suggestion of what you would like me to watch and review.

I am excited to kick off the film review series. I plan to publish the first review tomorrow.  I hope you are anticipating it as much as I am. Tomorrow's movie is, "Following." If you enjoy Christopher Nolan films you can't help but enjoy the "Following."

I invite you to watch the film with me today. You can post your feedback about the film on this science fiction blog post or on tomorrow's post.

See you in the next science fiction post. I got a movie to watch!

Thank you for reading my science fiction blog!

As always I appreciate your comments, questions, or concerns:)

Check out the first story, "It is Not What You Think," I published on episode.

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