Monday, September 3, 2018

Science Fiction: the Visual Development Artist

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Self Portrait in My Portfolio

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I list myself a Visual Development Artist on my resume. When I am asked, "What type of artist are you?" I answer, "A Visual Development Artist."
I think this causes some confusion for some people because I am often referred to a graphic designer. One look at my portfolio and it is clear that is not the case.

Most people understand the role of a graphic designer. I will not get into those details.

Sometimes the roles of the graphic designer and visual development artist cross paths. Both type of art professionals art capable of logo design, advertising illustrations, flyers, banners, etc.

My Resume

You should seek out a visual development artist for the following jobs: Storyboarding, Concept art, Creature design, Alien Design, Super Hero Design, Illustration and layout for your graphic novel or comic book, Cover art (magazines, novels, interactive stories, albums, websites, posters, etc.) Concept art for trailers, vehicle designs and machines for live action and animation, Animal concept art realistic or hybrid

The role of the visual artist is important to Science Fiction Visual Storytelling. Most of the ideas found in a science fiction publication, video, film, or video games were designed by visual development artists.

I hope this science fiction clear up any confusion anyone may have had about the type of art the visual development artist produces.

Thank you for your time as usual!
If anyone cares to add or clarify the role of the visual development artist, you are welcomed to do so in the comment section.

I wish you all well!!!!

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