Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Science Fiction Updates

Hello to my favorite Science Fiction Fans!
My new self-portrait

Today's Science Fiction Blog Post is all about updates. I am working on my website and it should be great! I drew a digital self-portrait for the gallery page. I am posting it here for you to view.

Added some of my traditional art as well as my digital art to my website. Once it is ready you will be able to a large scope of the art I like to create. Once my website is up and ready I will announce it here, so you can go and check it out!

Home Page image for my Website

Thank you for time and participation! I will get back to working on my class assignments and my thesis project, "Genesis."

See you in the next Science Fiction Blog post!!!
Thank you for reading my science fiction blog!

As always I appreciate your comments, questions, or concerns:)

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