Friday, September 7, 2018

Let's Talk Science Fiction!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday! My Friday has been productive!

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I got a lot of drawing done 😍, but not much writing. 😢

Today's topic is, "What is Science Fiction?"

Science Fiction was invented by Mary Shelley when she wrote the novel, "Frankenstein." This story has a good message and is well written. The story explored alchemy, ethics, love, loss, and parental responsibility (Creator to creation responsibility).

The story of Frankenstein is entertaining and philosophical with an underline theme most people can find relatable.  Mary Shelley set the framework for many talented science fiction writers to follow.

Science fiction is a genre based on logic and rational thought. When the impossible happens in science fiction, it is explained by the technology that exists in the imaginary world in the book or movie. Often times the technology written from the active minds of creative science fiction writers inspires technology we enjoy today. The waterbed was first written about in a science fiction novel.

Science Fiction inspires us, teaches us, and entertains us.

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