Thursday, September 27, 2018

Genesis Updates

Jason from "Genesis"
I plan to start a major rewrite of the story "Genesis." I have some ideas on how to improve some of the important chapters to make them more engaging to readers. "Genesis" is an unusual Science Fiction story that includes mystery and romance. I recently created a logline to describe it quickly. Please see the logline below.

Cast for, "Genesis"
A genetically modified teen heartthrob who wants access to his father's research discovers he has an identical twin brother who lives captive in a bio-prison and aligns with him to stop their parents from destroying the world.

You can let me know if you get the gist of the story from the above longline.

Thank you for time and participation! I will get back to working on my class assignments and my thesis project, "Genesis."

See you in the next Science Fiction Blog post!!!
Thank you for reading my science fiction blog!

As always I appreciate your comments, questions, or concerns:)

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