Friday, August 31, 2018

All about Science Fiction (My First Post)

Disco CatThis is drawing is a part of my thesis portfolio:)

This my first post for this Science Fiction blog. I will start off with posting my mission statement.

Mission Statement:

My mission is to learn and share knowledge with people who love Science Fiction and good fictional art and writing. I want to explore the great writers from the past and present. My favorite writers that influence my writing are Octavia Butler, Isaac Asimov, Philip K Dick, and Mary Shelley.

The best way to truly understand a person's point a view is to know their likes and what inspires them. My favorite films are, "Following," "The Prestige," "Memento" directed by Christopher Nolan; The Predator series including "Predator vs. Alien;" The Alien series and I really loved "Prometheus;" and The new Star Trek films; The Terminator series of films: and the first Matrix, film. Other films I like are "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" by Terry Gilliam; and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" by Tim Burton. My favorite films' list has plenty of room to grow. One of my favorite things to do is to watch great movies.

I will always be a Trekkie! I watched all the "Star Trek series and loved it.  I also enjoyed "Andromeda" while it lasted. I also enjoyed the first season of "Altered Carbon."

I hope those who view this blog share their favorite shows, writers, games, movies, and especially rare finds! I was love to check out something new to inspire me:)

I will also share the projects I am working on, as well as my art and writing.

I will end this here as it is getting quite long!
Thank you for reading and I always appreciate your comments:)

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